What is ACT ?

It is an online test that is required to be taken by students looking for admission in undergraduate schools based in the US and Canada. ACT exam has been developed to evaluate the written, mathematical, verbal and scientific skills of the candidates.

There is no particular eligibility criteria for writing the ACT.

If you are interested in studying abroad for higher studies or pursuing a degree of your choice, you should consider the ACT exam and prepare for it very seriously. ACT is one of the most popular exams that let students from all over the world study in the United States of America and Canada. Moreover, you can enroll for act coaching in Pune to have the edge over other competitors and make sure you pass this test with flying colors.

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There are 5 sections: 4 Compulsory and 1 optional

As for the latest details, the ACT exam is conducted in five segments, out of which four are compulsory, and one is optional. For in-depth knowledge regarding the syllabus of this exam and the preparation, you are recommended to join act classes in Pune.

Here is the composition of different subjects that are prevalent in the ACT exam

1. English

It Tests:


  • Punctuation
  • Grammar and Usage
  • Sentence Structure

Rhetorical Skills:

  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Style

The section has 75 questions to be answered in 45 minutes.

2. Math

It Tests:

  • Pre-algebra
  • Elementary algebra
  • Intermediate algebra
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Plane geometry
  • Trigonometry
There are 60 Questions and a time limit of 60  Minutes

3. Reading

It consists of 4 passages, each passage from different section like social studies, natural science, fiction and humanities. This section is thirty-five minutes long and has four passages, of about 750-words each, with ten questions for each passage. 

Total Questions: 40 Questions

Total Time: 35mins

4. Science

It Tests:

  • Data representation like graphs and tables
  • Research summaries
  • Conflicting viewpoints
The Section has 40 questions that must be answered within the 35-minute time limit.

5. Optional Writing Test

It consists of one writing prompt. It is a 40-minute section. This section tests how well students can plan, write, and edit their own essays. The essay prompts usually address contemporary issues. 

Though most colleges do not require the Optional Writing Test, a good score in the Optional Writing Section gives a good impression to the admissions officers.

Although the writing test is considered an optional test in the ACT exam, having a decent score in this segment can give you a definite edge over other candidates. So, choosing the best cat coaching in Pune will allow you to prepare for all these segments accordingly.

Why is the ACT exam important?

The ACT exam and the score that a candidate secures in this exam are very well-received in most renowned colleges and universities in both the USA and Canada. Moreover, the ACT score also sets you up for well-paying jobs as the employers know the value of this exam. Thus, it is recommended to join act coaching Pune today and start your preparation

Benefits Of ACT

  • The ACT test is accepted by all major 4-year universities and many colleges.
  • Good ACT Scores can balance out a low GPA
  • A good ACT score can help a student get merit-based or academic scholarships in universities.
  • A good score in the ACT, you can show your prospective bosses that you’re the employee they’re looking for.

How to apply

You can register online by creating an ACT Web account, on ACT’s website

Interested in ACT Prep?