What is GMAT ?

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer based standardized test administered by Graduate Management Admission Council. It is required for admission in graduate management programs, such as MBA. More than 2,300+ graduate business schools around the world accept the GMAT as part of the selection criteria for their programs.

GMAT requires the candidate to be of 18 years of age or older. For ages between 13 and 17 years a written proof of permission, from a parent or legal guardian is required. Also, an undergraduate degree is required.

If you wish to pursue a management course from a foreign country, the GMAT is the most viable exam that you should prepare for. The GMAT classes in Pune have done a tremendous job in propping up candidates that ought to appear for this exam. Moreover, most countries consider this test’s score as a determining aspect while enrolling students in their courses. Thus, choosing a GMAT coaching, Pune is the wisest decision you can make.

The best GMAT coaching in Pune will ensure that your concepts regarding all the topics are clear and you are fit for passing the test with a decent score. Moreover, the best GMAT classes in Pune will offer constant support and ensure that you can give the test confidently.

There are 4 Sections on the GMAT

There are four sections in the GMAT exam, and a candidate is required to pass in all of them to qualify for further screening. So, join the GMAT coaching classes in Pune and start your preparation as soon as possible. The management course you wish to pursue abroad requires hefty knowledge and experience, which is very well taught in the best MBA classes in Pune.

1. Quantitative

It includes 31 multiple choice questions on data sufficiency and problem-solving. The duration to complete this section is 62 minutes. It consist of a problem statement followed by two factual statements.

2. Verbal

It includes 36 multiple choice questions on reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. The duration to complete the Verbal section is 65 minutes

3. Analytical Writing Assessment

It includes one essay question with a 30 minutes time limit. Argument analysis and communication in the form of critique are two types of questions under this section

4. Integrated Reasoning (IR)

It includes 12 multiple choice questions that can be two-part analysis, Multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, and Table analysis type of questions. The duration to complete this section is 30 mins

If you join the Mba coaching classes in Pune, you will have a better chance of qualifying for the exam than other candidates also, if you start your preparation early and enroll in the best MBA coaching in Pune, your chances of passing the test increases significantly.

What is the purpose of the GMAT exam?

The GMAT exam is a must for anyone willing to pursue a management degree from a foreign country. You can opt for a GMAT consultancy to get the details of the best GMAT classes near me. You will find quality courses in the GMAT classes in vegan Nagar Pune to solidify your concepts and qualify for the test. There are numerous Mba admission consultants as well that provides great in-depth analysis regarding GMAT preparation in Pune.

Benefits Of GMAT

  • You increase your earning potential and it opens doors of opportunities career-wise.
  • Not only does this exam increase the possibility of your studying and working abroad but it also rates the skills and abilities you have and those that you need for higher education abroad.
  • Many business schools provide spectacular scholarship for good GMAT scores.

How to apply

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